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Spotto Affiliates Programme Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are an agreement between Spottocash LTD and the Affiliate.

  1. Customer Acquisition and Registration

    Our Affiliate Programme will register all sign ups, orders and revenue information on the users that Affiliate (the Affiliate) introduce to Every introduction/user will be attributed to the Affiliate who signs up via a unique click through URL owned by the Affiliate. When a user signs up to they will then become one of our customers and will abide by our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

  2. Tracking and Reporting

    Affiliates will be given a username and password for the Affiliate platform. Affiliates can monitor their performance and track all activity directly in real-time.

  3. Referral Revenue

    Prior to joining the Affiliate platform, we will agree on a revenue structure and length of term. Affiliates will only earn revenue from users they sign up if the user verifies their email address and/or participates in the competition.

  4. Payments

    All payments will be made to Affiliates at the end of each month. Affiliates can request payment by logging in to the payments tab in the Affiliates platform. For multiple Affiliate unique click through URLs, a combined single payment would be paid. Payments can only be made to Affiliates over £100. Anything less and the payment will be added to the following month. This will continue until the balance on the Affiliate platform is over £100.

  5. Marketing
    1. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Programme, you agree to maintain all unique click through URLs that are given to you.
    2. You may promote us via any method excluding;
      1. Social media paid advertisements. This doesn’t include social media posts
      2. Google AdWords PPC
      3. Printed media
    3. As an Affiliate you may not employ an agency to promote your unique click through URLs
    4. If SpottoCash sees an Affiliate overly spamming the unique click through URLs then we hold the right to terminate this agreement.
  6. Fraud

    SpottoCash have the right to suspend or terminate the affiliation at its sole discretion, if:

    1. over 50% of users brought to SpottoCash from an Affiliate don’t verify their email address.
    2. Affiliates bring users under the playing age of 16
    3. Affiliates bring users from illegal or explicit parts of the internet
    4. SpottoCash feel that duplicate users are signing up
    5. fraud activity of any kind is thought to be taking place
  7. Amendments to Terms & Conditions

    We may modify at our sole discretion without notice, any of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement by adding a new agreement. You can find these terms and conditions at